OPM Docs

Welcome to OWOP Package Manager 2.0!

• Before uploading scripts, you should prepare them to OPM Package Syntax (OPS). This is smallest example of OPS: player-list package.
All packages should have function that returns object with install and uninstall functions.

• All scripts should follow that syntax. If you'll submit script without it, script will be disapproved.
• If you're uploading obfuscated script it has a big chance to be disapproved. It'll be approved only if you really need the obfuscation or it is just a cool script.

Private scripts have NOLICENSE. That means you don't have right to share, modify, distribute software without our permission, if you do so, you'll be banned. Also if you grief with scripts from OPM, you'll also gonna be banned.


• OPM adds full access to all OWOP functions with OWOP.require method. With this small function you really can do ANYTHING you want in OWOP.
You can require these files:

Name Description
canvas_renderer Canvas and Camera methods.
captcha Captcha stuff.
conf OWOP config and protocol.
context Context menu.
Fx OWOP FX and it's methods.
global Public stuff.
local_player Player methods and information.
main Main OWOP private methods and other stuff.
Player Player class.
windowsys All windows in OWOP.
World World and Chunk methods.
events EventEmitter class.
All modules are case sensitive.

You can look at full power of OWOP.require by just playing with it in console. For example: OWOP.require("main").

OPM Libraries and OPM.require

• You can use libraries that makes your life easier like core-utils. When you'll upload your script, just don't forget to add it to dependencies.
To use OPM Libraries, use OPM.require. For example: OPM.require("core-utils").


• OPM 2.0 is created for Tampermonkey or plugins like that! Using it in console is not recommended and if you have problems, we can't help you with that.
• OPM fully rewrites OWOP page, so all scripts that you load in Tampermonkey after OPM load will be destroyed too. To fix that, first off load your scripts (with setTimeout) and only after that load OPM.
• Uploading malicious scripts / uploading useless or non-executable scripts / spamming with script upload will result in IP + Discord ban.
• There are no refunds. It's possible to save code of scripts, so we can't do refunds.
• OPM Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pnpdCrxr45.
• DayDun? Yes.